My time on set- latitude spent in photos

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For Submission

I am handing in as physical evidence

  • DVD- with scenes, trailer and rushes
  • Blog booker PDF on CD
  • Latitude Production file
  • Script

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My reasons for handing in what I have are in my reflection posts on latitude the movie, the important reflection posts are as follows

Latitude the Movie- Cinematography Ibook

This is a point of distribution, something extra that is a nice adaptive and different to the already ‘off the wall’ marketing strategy, it holds a sense of merobelia, a visual storyboard, similar to what you used to be able buy a behind the scenes book of Star Wars or James Bond as a kid. Its a nice file to flick through on your iPad or Macbook, nothing to taxing with little written just for you to enjoy images of the set, crew and camera set ups. Enjoy!

It has come to the point where iPads are becoming used day in and day out in the media, it is apparent that on the set of latitude we had three floating around at all times, script work, photos and notes. It seems only right to use something so portable with such a high resolution screen it seemed to be a perfect match to what I needed it for. I have decided to make an iBook for my cinematography that I have composed within Latitude. I am so proud of all the work put into this film that even the outcome has been the best and most cinematic work I have produced! I decided what better way to use a new way of distribution than actually making my own ibook personal and individual to my role within Latitude. I feel creating something new and inventive to show off my work at degree shows and any given opportunity, I feel it makes my own mark on this film.

Note: This file is optimised for the iPad and better on the iPad in terms of orientation and image quality, the PDF version will not do this Ibook Justice. The iPad brings a personal Level to the book, you can swipe, touch and zoom in on the photos, captions and watch the videos embedded.

Here Is a video of the working Ibook


This is the PDF version for quick reference

Latitude, Cinematography by Jake Humbles

Note: I Have also created an interactive CV and explained the process and reason to why I have created an iBook for latitude and my own interactive CV and the benefits to it. Click here to see the link 

Reflection On Latitude

To reflect upon this project is hard because so much has evolved during the project both as a group and individually. This task of making a feature film has been a valuable lesson in filmmaking; I have changed the way I work and my standards of production and the rate at which I work, producing high quality content is my ultimate goal, I want nothing less and I will not be involved in a bad piece of work, I have found a voice within this project not just verbally but in terms of camerawork.

Personally my skills as a Cinematographer have doubled or even tripled, I cannot express how much change there has been in the content and quality of my work.   I work in a completely different way and an extremely professional manner. I am on a higher level looking into every aspect of the composition, the meaning behind individual shots, finding a focal point within a scene. I have a way of finding beautiful shots and developing them, understanding what is needed to achieve a particular scene. Keeping it simple at times or more complicated when needed, I am producinga high calibre range of developing, dynamic shots and a higher production value than before. Since completing all of the relevant research, building skills throughout test shoots and trial and error, I have brought something new to the table; this project gradually rose in terms of quality. During and after completing the 15 day shoot it was apparent that my eye for cinematography had improved, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I was told about my improvement as a cinematographer technically and as a team member. It has now come to the point were I will be checking the composition and focal point on one camera, coming back to my own and mirroring the process and following every intricate detail and offering the editor enormities of options and quality.

The project itself started out with huge amounts of enthusiasm, it was a slow start and then suddenly it started to transform as the team came together, roles were determined and it was time to knuckle down.  At this point Rich, Mick and me took the lead of the feature team alongside Pete the director, we began interviewing a selection of actors – we had narrowed it down to 12 possible and had 1 day to decide.  We also discussed the options regarding the script, equipment, location and journey planning.  The other team members took the lead on their project, which was the making of Latitude the movie, and locations. It all started to come together, once we got going we didn’t stop. There honestly was a point I didn’t think this project would pull through, scripts were not finished, actors had demanded the script, hotels and planswere not fixed to dates, and it all became a bit much. We pulled through, the locations team sorted their sectors out and helped on the pre production stages, the feature team had selected the best actors and locations, with call sheets and schedule finalised we were set and ready to go! This turning point made a big difference to the team; we became even tighter, decisions and working relationships developed in order to produce the level of professionalism we lacked in the slow month.

This project became a great part of our lives, every day would be spent in the Latitude office space, working on routes, money, funding, spreading the word and generally making the film happen. The decisions and contact we have made within this film have been huge, people in such high places giving us wonderful emails stating the inspiration we have given them, a very inspiring thought!

There are of course parts of the process I would change, the slow start, the issue of money constantly and the way we compacted so much into such a little time. But again this is the nature of the product, I am proud of the way we achieved it. We could of changed team members roles and brought more people on board, I feel it would of made life easier on set, but again its catch 22 would having more people aid us or hinder the process. Having the core team really helped in meetings and decision making times and the ability to turn around problems quickly without having to refer up or down the chain.

This project has been by far the most challenging and rewarding project than any one of us had ever been a part of before.  The quality, style and distribution factors really have blown anything else out of the water. Individually and collectively we really made this happen, the use of contacts in the US and the UK enabled us to branch out more and exceed our expectations. I wonder if anybody else on the course has made contact with a producer from Disney and a locations scout on the west coast?  It’s a proud feeling to know what the team and myself personally have achieved through doing this project. The time and scale we have achieved this in is fantastic. A feature should be created over two or three years but in this case we decided to take on this formidable task, fit it into our deadlines and make a first rate feature film.

Hiring professional actors, outstanding locations, high quality camera work and equipment, every aspect of this project shows how hard we have tried and how much we achieved with a small amount to hand in. In physical terms I would of loved to hand in a full feature, instead we have been able to hand in segments, scenes and a trailer, all of which provide evidence of the full film being shot, and the blog showing the effort required in the whole production. I can’t wait for the feature to be completely finished and perhaps have a premier with the red carpet treatment.  I want the world to know how much we have gone through the moments that where low, highand the success and achievements we have made along this journey. The film takes the two characters along a journey but the actually project was a journey within itself, we lived this movie, we had no Hollywood trailer to go back to or someone to bring us food, equipment and transport. We lived in the film, we took the road trip, we built the sets within locations, and we made the props by hand and fed every aspect of the project along the way. The effort seen within is reflected in the journey we all took creating this film. The film is a very personal piece for each and every one of us involved and will be the start of our life journey in Media.

An eye opener to the real world, an experiment on how to make a feature film with no real budget, the fund raising and our back pockets funded this film. It puts us in a different category of Inde film making, similar to the film ‘Being Sold’.  Hollywood would have the luxury of time and money to achieve the same result! Noticeably the film industry is currently flooded with short films, making it very competitive and so much harder to be noticed, where as there are only around 100 feature films per year made, so the feature film route will improve our chances of success.

As students of Coventry University we hope to offer inspiration to future students as well as a fantastic opportunity for Coventry to shine in the feature film category as a result of our ‘Lattitude’ Movie.

Lastly the personal achievement and process I went through to obtain this level quality has been difficult, interesting and a pleasure.

This project is something I’m proud to put on my CV, as a cinematographer, a perfectionist I’m proud of what I’ve achieved through latitude, it has left me with an even bigger challenge to be let loose from the grounds of university and take on the industry itself. The process and development of this project has filled me with pride and joy, to have made a feature at the age of 21 is something I would never have dreamed of. I have come a very long way since the first few days of university, as a media producer, cinematographer, and a person. Throughout my time on this project it has taught me the groundwork for building the blocks, it has been a wonderful learning experience that has made me who I am today and given me the ability to carry on with my journey experiment and create future projects.

A Profesional Portfolio

Throughout this year I have been involved with a great amount of work and work still on going, this has been a huge step for me and my career, I aspire only for the best, a ‘that will do’ attitude, won’t. I cant stand to be on a project that has no projection or interest, I now work for determined and motivated crews, people like myself, a crew that will make things happen. I have found a new voice and an eye for cinematography, a passion behind the camera that really interests me, I am so proud of the work produced by my team throughout this year, the opportunities and risks I have taken really have been worth the wait, I just wish I could do it all again, wait, I will be because this is my next step into my career.

I have got a few aspects to my portfolio when applying for jobs, I don’t feel its so necessary to have an online presence on my own website as it is important to be on project websites, a link to my work, vimeo and email is more than enough. Within this industry you are found through your work, and to have your name onine, and to be able to send a portfolio out like mine must be worth a look. I have taken some time and effort in compiling an interactive CV and a cinematography guide for my latest project. I will conitnaly be able to update and keep my profile clean and worthy. Below are the links to my iBook portfolios, ready at hand to be shown within an interview, sent in an email or soon to be downloadable on iTunes.

Interactive CV


Cinematography Portfolio- Latitude


On top of my interactive CV I have my own CV in paper form that is similar content to the interactive one minus the videos.


I have also created and perfected a Showreel to a professional standard, triggering the brutal process of removing and changing all previous work I feel nether relevant or good, I have spent a considerable amount of time removing Videos from Vimeo. The reason behind this is because Vimeo is so easily accessible, since you can access my Vimeo online through the Latitude website it is very likely people will go straight to the content i produce, wondering exactly I can offer other than latitude. This became apparent on my tour around disney, the Producer we spoke to mentioned the previous work I have uploaded online, this made me think, what if the work up there was no good or something I  didn’t want her to see, this was the point when I decide to make private or remove irrelevant work. This also ties in to how brutal I was with my current portfolio, removing anything not worth or being apart of anymore, all of my first year work was straight out of the window. I feel this is a valid point to make because it shows I have processed as a media producer, I have found what it is i need to create to keep up the pace and anything else can get left behind. I need the best looking portfolio possible!

This video is my most up to date showreel that shows a vary of skills, shots and work that I have been involved with over the last year.


Professionally Equipped For The Media Industry- A Conclusion

This post is to display the content I own in order to obtain a decent place within the world of cinematography, this is of course an on going process and I will continue to build my portfolio and get my work into many aspects of the media.

I have an idea and a production plan of where I want to be and how I can achieve these goals, with the likes of an internship in america and a potential job within the BBC at a later date, I feel comfortable with stepping out of the university grounds. I have worked extremely hard over the last few years at university but this year has been something completely different,I have aimed to reach new places, get a range of jobs and become involved with the most professional projects possible.

The process of university has been something different, before we where spoon fed, now we have to cook for ourselves. What ever we wanted to do at uni was possible. It has shown me that f I want to do, then I have to go and get it.  Realising this from an early stage at university, I personally took it as a challenge to see how far things could go, gaining the ability to travel, take projects abroad, still with the safety net of university we could fail, but thats the point. You have to try something to then fail and find out why you failed. University has been a big safety net, but full of opportunity and experiences, a place where you can try and fail and still be awarded for that trail and error stage, its a process of figuring out who you are and what you need to get there! Its a place that has the equipment and advise available but you have to go get it yourself, its your chance to take that risk, ask for the help and fall down, getting picked up by corsemates and lecturers until your let out in the real world, thats when the real challenge starts, the safety net has been removed. Im going to take that risk find a place for myself within the industry, creating a job opportunity is the best thing I can do, its just using the contacts I have and my experience and skills from university to get there.

Working on projects such as Latitude, BBC and fresh media has allowed confidence within myself. At this stage last year I had no idea potentially what I wanted to be, working on these projects especially Latitude has been like a driving force. I am desperate now to be working behind the camera, using new products and working with new people. I have the confidence to say I am a DOP or Cinematographer. Working on this PPP module has shown I actually know what I’m doing, my portfolio contains impressive and artistic work, I am happy to put my self in a place where I can actively work alone and in a group producing the set work of my career so far.

The chance to conduct my own work and professionally guide others, to directing Live music sets and becoming the Director of Photography for my first feature film, I feel it has been a worth while process, attending University has changed me as a person and as a media producer. I understand what it takes to build up a portfolio, to realise it never happens over night and keeping in contact with people is the only way to achieve. Pushing the boundaries in your work and never being afraid of trying something new is a fantastic way to find out what you are and are not good at doing. I know that saying all this I could leave university tomorrow and become lazy, do nothing and apply for a few jobs. What good is that? How will that help me in any way shape or form, I will be lucky to stay as a runner if I just sit back and apply online and provide no effort, that way I will end up in telco forever! So I have devised a structure If you will, of what Im going to aim for post university, I want to push and digress my work in so many areas, I want to use new technologies like the Ibooks and show reel work to show future employers that I am the one they need in their team, I have to convince the people within the industry I am worth it!

Interactive CV

Here Is my interactive CV, A file that allows you to see my previous work and Aspirations as a Director Of Photography


I have also got a PDF version for download, enabling a PC or Mac to view aswell

Jake Humbles Interactive CV PDF version

Ibooks, a new era of portfolio work

I was lucky enough to be told about an application called iBook Author, this is a new and inventive way for anyone to make an iBook with option to then put it on an Ipad or Iphone. I have decided to create my own portfolio using this application, one for my guide to cinematography for Latitude and one for my Professional CV to go alongside my latitude portfolio and FMP.

A new Application a new era for portfolios

When employers receive CV’s they expect a show reel, written work and a few links to what you have produced online. I have totally cut out the need for all that, my CV is dispersed amongst  this book I have created, it states my aspirations and previous work undertaken all within five beautiful pages full of  videos and images.  By displaying my work in such a way it highlights my strengths and shows  everything beautiful I have ever created.   Its an open window to me and the way in which I work and how I portray my work.  It also gives the essential contact information.

This application has given me a head start to a new way of distributing my work, possibly giving an even better impression than an average show reel,  DVD or Vimeo upload. Researching into new media platforms and how to distribute effectively,  I have never come across this alternative method before, it’s an inventive take on portfolios. I have created a personal and interactive application to be used at your leisure, the practicality of it is that you can download such a book from an email or store and view at your will, play pause and rewind it. It has a personal touch and shows the lengths I have gone to rather than a putting together a web page or a DVD. It’s a new way of thinking and I feel I have taken the use of iBooks to a new level.  Enabling an iBook or the iPad to be used as a portable portfolio, the idea of the iPad and its sharing ability is a fantastic product and the screen is perfect for my line of work, enabling work to be easily seen.  iBook Author has given me an online version of my work, and downloadable content with the ability to add videos, images, text and video within one application, one file, and its brilliant.

Using such an application is a very easy process, a little fiddly but a perfect process in terms of keeping images, text and video correctly composed and level. Its almost like using a graphics board and rule on screen, it automatically provides a line to follow and adjust height to, with measurements of borders, screen size etc. I have used this application in the same way I would use Final Cut or Photoshop, using it to my advantage, picking and choosing the direct content and how it looks on screen to the audience. The application process of editing photos or screen optimisation is fantastic. This has really been a lifesaver in terms of portfolio work, it provides an easy space to store all of your content and in terms of distribution it’s a fantastic and easy way to access my work on the move. It can be published and uploaded through the Itunes bookstore or directly to your desktop. I have also exported it in PDF file for those who don’t own an iPad, they can open it up and see the effort involved.

This process has allowed me as a cinematographer to come across as professional and different in terms of style and use of a portfolio, I believe with this use of a new tool and the impression you can display to a future employee is incredible. It shows I’ve tried something different innovative.  It may catch on, it may not but at least I have gone to the trouble to find out how to do this and to at least try.

The Latitude cinematography portfolio is a piece within itself, it holds value and a sense of achievement, it’s a book that you can flick through finding out a little more behind the scenes, stunning photos of the set,  cast and crew. It’s a beautiful application that holds my work in a futuristic manner. The way the book works and the possibility to flick through some fantastic photos that sum up my work, a complete picture of the latitude shoot – well it can’t get better than that. As a DOP I am very proud of what I have produced and it makes sense to put a portfolio within an application such as iBooks. For an industry that wants to look in depth into your work, search through stunning photos and video a perfect platform to share, demonstrating your strengths visually – with instant impact!

Although my portfolio may not been seen this way if I apply online, it may ask for a downloadable video and website, at the same time I can always offer this as a supplementary download, in addition to the traditional route, hopefully making me stand out from the usual application or CV.  This process is just a new way of getting my work out there. As a media producer I need to stay on top of things and promote my work way shape or form; this is just a step into something much bigger!

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